Commercial Property MLS
Commercial Property MLS or multiple listing service is a catchall term used to describe individual services or exchanges that track available commercial property for sale or lease in the United States. There is no widespread commercial real estate multiple listing service in use and supported by the commercial real estate brokerage industry. There are a few regional Commercial Property MLS initiatives with a fair amount of commercial property listings available. is a free vertical search engine that works to capture all available listings available in the public domain. It scours and aggregates thousands of information sites and is the only website and service in existence that acts as a free Commercial Property MLS by covering multiple U.S. markets from California to New York. displays all commercial property listings it comes across whether paid to or not. Plus, like a true Commercial Property MLS or multiple listing service, it does not block broker or owner contact information on any listing it tracks. Users on can sort over 200,000 commercial real estate listings on demand and through a free website registration process. Just like an active Commercial Property MLS, thousands of commercial real estate brokers and building owners actively update their commercial property listings displayed on There is no cost to add listings to our Commercial Property MLS. offers premium services to allow brokers and owners to elevate their properties that are displayed on our search results pages leading to more traffic to their listings.

Some buildings contained in our Commercial Property MLS are shown for historical value and for research purposes. These commercial real estate listings are differentiated so that users of our Commercial Property MLS can immediately tell if there is space available in the building. tracks all sorts of commercial real estate listings including office space, retail space, industrial buildings, and others including R&D, flex space, and land. Each commercial property listing in our Commercial Property MLS is displayed and sorted by for sale, for lease, or both. Users of our free commercial real estate search engine can also sort by city, size, and other characteristics. Each commercial real estate listing included in the Commercial Property MLS is also displayed within a map. Mapping software allows users to zoom in and out of locations and submarkets to include commercial property listings that are available in adjacent cities.

Pricing shown on is the asking rate set by the commercial real estate broker or building owner. Rates are shown by either the monthly asking rate or the yearly asking rate. In most cases, asking rents for commercial property listings are negotiable. The rental rate is quoted as a NNN or triple-net, Industrial Gross, or Full Service lease structure. Triple-net and Industrial Gross leases are generally used for industrial buildings where the tenant pays (in addition to the rent) the real estate taxes, building insurance, building maintenance as well as the utilities serving the commercial property listing. Under the Industrial Gross lease the tenant usually pays for most everything except perhaps the real estate taxes. Note that there are several variations of the Industrial Gross lease and each one must be carefully reviewed to understand what services are provided by the landlord as part of the base rent and what expenses must be paid for by the tenant. Under the Full Service lease, the tenant pays for everything included in its monthly rent. However, under Full Service leases the landlord can pass through certain increases in expenses from year to year depending on what is negotiated in the lease document.

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